To make sure your X Axis upgrade goes smoothly, see below for added fastener lengths needed, compared to stock hot end configurations. If you’re running an aftermarket setup, add the lengths corresponding to color location to the hardware you are currently using. If you have an aftermarket setup, like the Hero Me or Bullseye, reference the installation documentation for the lengths. 

Available fastener packs:

Stock or Micro Swiss Hotend 

DDX Direct Drive




After reviewing the information in this document, send an email to with the info below. Pending orders will not ship until we have this information. 



Red +6mm (hotend)

Yellow +8-10mm (fan Cover & probe)

Blue +2 mm (probe)

  • Hotend M3x16mm BHCS (LRK M3X22 SHCS)
    • Micro Swiss M3x16 FHCS (LRK M3x22 FHCS)
  • Fan Cover/Probe M3X4 BHCS (LRK M3X14 SHCS)
  • Fan Cover/Probe M3X6 BHCS (LRK M3X8 SHCS)

Pink +5-6 mm (hotend)

Blue fastener +4mm (probe)

Orange +2mm (fan cover)

  • Hotend M3x20mm BHCS (LRK M3X25 SHCS)
    • Micro Swiss M3x16 FHCS (LRK M3x22 FHCS)
  • Probe M3x4 (LRK M3X8 BHCS)
  • Fan Cover M3x4 (LRK M3X6 BHCS)

Blue fastener +2mm (probe)

  • Probe M3x4 BHCS (LRK M3X6 BHCS)