PrinterRail length (mm)
Ender 3320
300 Size 455
CR10S 400
CR10 Max610
CR10 S500670

For CR10S PRO and CR-X Y Kit please visit this guide. 

For Ender 3/CR-20 Y Kit please visit this guide. 




This guide provides you the with both the general path to install our Y axis linear rail guide

Stock Parts Teardown:

  • Remove bed leveling knobs
  • Unclip the Y belt From the Y carriage and remove stock Y carriage plate from the machine
  • Remove all V-slot wheels and hardware from Y carriage plate

Rail Prep Instructions:

  • Remove from packaging 
  • Wipe off extra oil with a lint free cloth
  • Install M3X8 SHCS and sliding T-nuts onto rails
    • Take Note to skip 2 holes between each fastener, and ensure to mirror this process from each end of the rail until you meet in the middle.
  • Skip installing the first 3 T-nut on both rails
    • Slide 3 T-nuts in to the extrusion and space them out to match the rail's hardware. Slide the linear blocks close to the end of the rail (fig A) and then attach the rail with the 3 pre-installed T-nuts from the previous step (Fig B).

  • Install the Printed T-nut guide on the of the Y axis extrusion and slide the rest of the rail on to the Y-axis extrusions.
  • Line up the front edge of the rail with the center of the front extrusion.

CR-10/S Y rail kit

  • Note both rails installed on the stock center aluminum extrusion as show in the picture below.

  • For the CR-10/S the rail should space back 20 mm from the front extrusion

CR-10 Max Rail Placement Addendum

  • The rail Should be 8 mm from the front of the aluminum extrusion

  • Use the 2 MGN12 Printed centering jigs to align the ends of the rails as you tighten the Rail fasteners for each rail

  • Install the SLS Linear rail adaptor on each of the Linear rail blocks with a Metal stiffener plate on the outside
    • M3x12  SHCS and washer
      • leave all screws slightly loose

Reinstall the Y Carriage:

CR-10S, 400, Max, and 500

Left SideRight Side
  • Install 2 FHCS on the smaller holes (Aligning them on the left or right side). 
  • 2x M4 BHCS on the larger holes with an M4 Large OD Flat washer, M4 Flat washer, and M4 Split locking washer.
    • Leave all screws slightly loose
  • Fully tighten the M4x10 FHCS (On the left)
    • Then tighten the Carriage block M3 mounting screw on both sides
    • Lastly, tighten the M4 SHCS on the opposite size of the Y carriage Plate

CR-10 & CR-10S End Stop

CR-10S V2/V3 End Stop

CR-10S4, S5, Max Endstop


  • Install end stop bumper 
    • Made from one M5 screw from one of the V slot wheels, an aluminum spacer and a M5 Nylon Lock Nut on the last inside V slot wheel mounting hole. 
      • Note: when using a Button head screw for the End Stop bumper, inset the screw from the top and use the M5 Nylon Lock Nut at the bottom.
    • Slide the Y carriage back to check if the Endstop is triggered by the endstop bumper Y endstop
      • If it does not trigger the endstop, slide the endstop forward until it is trigger by the bumper.

Final Assembly 

  • Slide Y belt back into the Grooves on in the Carriage plate
  • Reinstall bed and check travel limits
  • Adjust Y end stop, so the nozzle meets the front edge of the bed when triggered.