After extensive testing, we noticed more deflection in the print head then acceptable, so we tested a couple revisions. Our current revision is the easiest to implement. We have added 1/8" flat aluminum plate on top of the original SLS Nylon part. By using hybrid manufacturing, we're able to make this simple revision at very low cost and turnaround time and see a sizeable improvement. 

All kits shipped from 4/7/2022 will include this

Parts included:

2  * flat aluminum brackets

8  * m3x16 socket head 

8  * m3 flat washers

4  * m4x25 button head

Tools needed:

M2.5 hex 

Take your time and do one side at a time. 

Picture above (and to the right) is the new bracket sandwiched with the original and new fasteners


The M4 (larger washers) will be reused from the old fasteners but the rest will not be used. Save them for another project.

Be sure to start all new fasteners before tightening any. It may be easier to start the M4 bolts (w/ washers) into the frame and finger tighten. This will free up one hand. Next, move the linear rail block to line up with the bracket and start all 4 m3x16 bolts by hand - since you are tightening against aluminum, the only risk is if you cross thread these fasteners.

The bottom of the bracket should be aligned with the X Axis frame. You can use the side of a digital caliper, 3/4mm hex key or any straight edge thin enough to fit. 

*note for instructional purposes, some components may look different from retail items.