This article is for internal use currently so only basic information is included. You will need a few components to do this correctly. 

Parts needed

  • CR-10 Fan Cover
  • CR-10 BL Touch Bracket
  • FDM Fan Duct from Tiny Machines 3D 
  • M2 x 18 screws (3) (part cooler fan)
  • M3 flat washers (3) (part cooler fan)
  • M3 x 8 button head (2) (bl touch bracket)

Some other items that compliment

  • Lerdge Filament Sensor + Cable (outer 2 wires must be swapped on one connection side) 

Tools needed

  • M2, M2.5 hex driver
  • #0, #1 phillips screw driver

Cable Install

You will need to run the filament sensor and extruder extension cables through the loom. The Filament sensor can plug into the same port on the 30P board as the original. The extruder extension cable will plug into the original stepper motor cable. 

Fan Install

Both original print head fans will be used. The hotend (4010) fan is to be removed from the CR-10S Pro fan cover and installed into the CR-10 cover before installing the fan cover. The part cooler fan is to be moved over with the included fan duct and can be installed after the fan cover is mounted. 

Micro Swiss Guides for installation

CR-10 Install
Linear Rail Supplement