Y-Axis Install

When installing the Y Axis rail kit on the, install one side at a time

Do not allow the bearing blocks to slide off the rails. You can use masking/painter's tape to stop the bearing from sliding off.

Step 1

  • Remove all 4xM5 button head Screws one side at a time (yellow circled)
  • Remove Black 2X M5 socket head screws (blue circled)

Step 2 

Build the rails with M3X8 Socket head and Sliding-Tnuts Leveling 2  spaces between mounting point on the rail

The included Printed guide will help to square up the Tnuts

Y end stop Side

  • Slide in the printed alignment tool
  • Slide the rail and use the printed part as a rail as a rail stop.
  • Use the included Rail alignment jigs to center up on that side to the extrusion

  • Flip the Alignment tool over
  • Slide the rail and use the printed part as a rail as a rail stop.
  • Slide the stop down till it hits the printed part

Step 3

  • 4x M4x25 
  • Y end stop mounts with 2x T-nuts and M3 screw from the stock End stop flag mount are reused
  • 4x M3x16 Socket head screws

Be sure to start all new fasteners before tightening any. It may be easier to start the M4 bolts (w/ washers) into the frame and finger tighten. This will free up one hand. Next, move the linear rail block to line up with the bracket and start all 4 m3x16 bolts by hand—since you are tightening against aluminum, the only risk is if you cross thread these fasteners.

The bottom of the bracket should be aligned with the X Axis frame. You can use the side of a digital caliper, 3/4mm hex key or any straight edge thin enough to fit.  

  • Stock metal Y end stop flag
  • Stock M3X6 and M3 Hex nuts get captured in the part from the back