The firmware provided here is for 4.5.3 and ERA v1.1.0.3 motherboards only! 

This process will require 1 SD card (<=16gb) OR adapter. The main board uses an SD card but the screen update requires the micro SD -

  1. Power the printer OFF and unplug the power cable before any updating 
  2. If using the same SD card you print with for this process, back up any important files to a separate drive now then clear the SD card contents.
  3. If using the same SD card there is no need to format the card
  4. If using a new SD card, format the card to FAT32/ 4096 bytes allocation unit size

Updating the mainboard is a simple process. Clear or Format the card then move the .bin file into the root menu of the SD card. With the printer off, insert the card into the motherboard then turn the printer on. The screen should be plugged in and for a few seconds, there won't be any progress bar. Then, you will see the progress bar progress indicating the flash was successful. After you see the idle screen, remove the card from the machine and move your .GCODE files back to the card. While you're doing that, remove the .bin file you just used.  

Note! If you leave the .bin file on the SD card, it will not try to reflash every power cycle because the machine remembers the last firmware name used. Related to that, if you want to reflash the same firmware at any time, you'll need to change the file name.