This guide is intended to help setting up a Creality printer using PrusaSlicer:

Once PrusaSlicer is installed, the Configuration Wizard will pop up when you first launch PrusaSlicer.

Note: By default, some of the Prusa printers will be enabled, these can be deselected by clicking on None 

Next click on other vendors and select Creality

Select your printer

For printers with a BL Touch, you have 2 choices. 

1. Probe once and use the same data for future prints (M420) 

2. Probe before every print (G29)  

If you want the machine to recall the stored leveling data, remove the G29 line and replace it with 

M420 S Z0  ; load bed mesh 

Note! You must run through leveling setup before starting a print job for the store and recall function to work properly. 

We have several setup videos for this.

Afterwards, the start G-code should look as follows. Click save (file icon circled in green)

If you want the machine to probe bed before every print, leave G29 in the start G-code.

Special notes:

For Ender 5 Plus 

G29 is replaced by:

G34 ; level bed from right to left

M420 S Z0 ; load bed mesh

Settings for DDX extruder: