This guide shows how to attach the pre-assembled Bondtech DDX  to the CR-10 Max. Since  the DDX will not fit safely in the box for shipping once it’s installed, we've made this to help with home installation.  All you’ll need to do is remove the fan to access the hot end mounting screws - we’ll show you how.


You will need:

2.5mm hex key (one is included with the machine tool set)


The bottom half of the machine is the first to be removed from the carton (not shown) then before removing the top half of the machine, you can attach the DDX. Normally, we wrap the DDX print head up in foam. Carefully remove the foam and begin.

1. Using 2.5mm hex key, remove the three HotEnd Fan mounting screws. The fourth hole is not used. 

Keep the screws for reinstallation.
2. Pull HotEnd Fan to the right so it exposes the HotEnd and mounting screws. 
3. Position the DDX onto the X Carriage (Red ), making sure that the stand offs (shown above) fit easily into the holes in the back of the DDX housing. 
4. Using the 2.5mm hex key, tighten the HotEnd mounting screws. DO NOT over tighten these.  An 1/8 turn past snug using the short end of the hex key is sufficient.

ⓘRecommended maximum torque 2Nm.
5. Reinstall HotEnd Fan mounting screws, again being careful not to over-tighten.

CR-10S Pro V2 machines, you are done! For CR-10 Max machines to go step 6. 
6. Attach the carabiner around cable loom and feed tubing.

We’ve already assembled and wired everything on your new Bondtech DDX, but if you want another reference, check out the Bondtech DDX Guide. Bondtech’s guide also shows additional views of the process outlined here, starting with Step 13. 

You’re now ready to finish assembling your machine. Be sure to read through our other documentation

Pictured above is stock filament sensor location. We have started relocating the sensor right at the print head. The process is the same but the filament will feed in from the top. See below.

If you have any questions, contact us by starting a ticket. Thank you for supporting Tiny Machines 3D!