Tiny Machines 3D Customer,

Thank you for choosing us for your 3D Printer needs. If unboxing a new printer from us, please locate the SD card and look over the contents first. There, you will find a digital copy of the user manual for the specific printer you purchased, applicable drivers, slicer profiles and test print (.GCODE) files. The user manual will aid you in assembling the 3D Printer but you may have some other questions. Below, you will find some additional resources to go along with your new machine. 

DO NOT discard the original box 

DO NOT disassemble the machine or machine components before contacting us 

DO contact us with any questions or concerns you may have

DO enjoy the experience and journey into the 3D printing hobby

Common Topics

  • Auto Leveling?
    • See our setup video HERE and our document HERE
  • Auto Z Alignment? 
    • For more information about this, review the Marlin Doc HERE
  • Thermal Runaway?
    • Yes, absolutely! This has been a priority of ours since the feature was available! 
  • Power-Loss Recovery?
    • Yes, it is available in our firmware but by default, it is turned off. If you want to enable it, add M413 S1 to the end of your starting script in your preferred slicer. Be sure store settings after enabling it BEFORE a power cycle. You can insert M500 after M413 S1 to do this as well. Review the Marlin Doc HERE
  • Prints Not Starting? This can be caused by a few things but most commonly, it is a file name issue.
    • Remove any numbers/spaces from all names, use underscore to separate words if necessary.
    • Rename to less than 10 characters *Some slicers add a machine prefix; disable this or manually delete.
    • Do not use the SD card as storage with sub-directories; keep all GCODE files in the root directory.
      • If issues still persist, as a last resort, format the card to FAT32/ 4096 Allocation and apply the above methods.
  • New Display Menus/Screens?
    • We have added some tuning/ calibration screens. See HERE for a short guide.