Thank you for supporting Tiny Machines 3D and congratulations on purchasing one of the finest build surfaces available. Below are some guidelines for having a pleasant experience.

Check out our install video. The machine may be different than yours but the process is the same. 

Magnet Note**

  • Check size and fit before applying. In some cases, the adhesive is not applied to the entire magnet but the magnets are oversized. Position the magnet so the adhesive is centered over the surface and the hot bed is fully covered. Also note orientation. For example, 320x310 kits have an oblong shape. Ensure the longer side is matched to the Y direction of the plate.

  • CR-10 Max user? See this article for additional information. 

 PEI Note**

  • The plate may have a thin plastic protective layer that needs to be removed before printing. It is a soft surface so be gentle with it. Scratches or gouges from the nozzle are not covered under warranty. This is not the fault of the product. If you experience any other issues, you can contact us HERE. Please include your order number. 

PEI (Smooth Side) Surface Preparation

  • 90% and higher Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) 

    • Best choice

  • Windex 

    • OK but not as strong as IPA

  • Warm water, 2-3 drops of dish soap 

    • Use if IPA/Windex doesn’t remove residue on the sheet

  • Acetone 

    • Use only once in a while to
      freshen the sheet

  • Use Windex when printing with PETG

  • Use glue stick when printing flexibles

  • Purple Glue Stick is our choice

  • IPA + PETG will create a very strong bond to the surface. Part removal may be extremely difficult. PETG may also require a thin film of glue stick.

Bed Temperature Suggestions

For Nozzle Temperatures, follow filament manufacturer suggested settings. Make sure your machine can handle the temperatures required before attempting exotic materials. For larger objects, bed temperature may need to be increased over our suggestions below. Vision Miner Nano Polymer is great and we hope to be a reseller for them soon. It can be used for most materials. 

  • PLA 50-70℃       -- Clean with IPA, no glue needed

  • Flex 50-70℃       -- Clean with IPA, glue stick suggested

  • ABS 100-125℃  -- Clean with IPA, no glue needed **some use ABS juice or glue stick

  • PC   100-130℃  -- Clean with IPA, glue stick suggested

  • Nylon 90-120℃  -- Clean with IPA, glue stick suggested

  • PP 100-130℃ (120℃ is suggested)  -- Clean with IPA, apply scotch tape to surface

  • PETG 75-95℃    -- Clean with Windex, glue stick suggested

  • Maximum Suggested Bed Temperature: 130℃