As of February 1, 2021, we have changed the magnet design for the CR-10 Max TM Flex. After in house testing and some customer feedback, we decided to have the magnets die cut with the fastener holes punched. 

The magnet is cut out so that all fasteners, including clips can be removed if needed without cutting into the magnet after installation. 

We found using the back end of a Sharpie marker was perfect for this. 
Gently, push the cut portions through from the magnet side like so.
Be careful as too much force or pushing too fast may tear the adhesive backing on the underside.
Discard all the bits and get ready to install the magnet on your machine.

Be sure to check for hot bed flatness before installing the magnet! See our GUIDE, showing that process.

If you have the older style magnet already installed, USA customers can use this TEMPLATE to find the hole locations. Be sure to print it at 100% (1 to 1 scale) on a standard piece of letter paper. We will add an A4 template soon.