Getting Started

Ensure that that your bowden tube is pushed all the way down into the hot end before use. If there is any distance between the bowden tube and the hot end, filament will build up and cause clogs.

It goes without being said, however make sure that your hot end fan is in good working order, and constantly on (this is the default with the Creality machines). A faulty hot end fan will lead to major problems including jamming or clogging.

Retraction Settings

Using an All Metal Hot End requires lower retraction settings in your slicer. With the stock extruder setup we recommend setting your retraction distance in your slicer to 3mm/s and under, 1mm/s with a direct drive extruder.


              Retraction Settings in Simplify 3D                                                       Retraction Settings in Cura 3.3.1

Seasoning your Hot End when using PLA

Polylactic Acid, or PLA is a bioplastic derived from a few sources including but not limited to corn starch, beets, and sugar cane. Because of its composition it tends to stick to metal. 

We recommend seasoning your All Metal Hot End with a food grade oil such as Canola oil. There are a couple of ways of doing this. Coat 10mm of filament, and insert it into your hot end at temperature (180c) followed by 50mm of uncoated filament to remove excess oil. You can do this by hand, or command your extruder using the Prepare menu. In our custom firmware and later versions of Marlin, Prepare/Move Axis/Extruder. On stock Creality Machines Prepare/Move Axis/Move 1mm/Extruder. You can also set up an inline oiler before the extruder. Use just a little oil (2-3 drops) or you could have a nasty mess to clean up afterwards. 

PID Autotune 

Changing basically any component on the hot end may require different PID values for the nozzle heater! If thermal properties change, or the heat source or the measuring device are replaced, calibration is needed. 

To be able to use your Micro Swiss All Metal Hot End at stable temperatures above 220c, it necessary to perform a PID Autotune. This is a process that heats up the nozzle and allows it to cool down in as many as eight cycles. If your printer was purchased from us, you will already have this feature built in.  

Navigate to the Control Menu from the Main Screen on your control box, click on Temperature and scroll towards the bottom of the menu. After clicking on PID autotune you will be able to set a maximum temperature for your nozzle. If upgrading from a PTFE lined hot end (stock Creality) adjustments may be needed in the firmware. If you're compiling from our source code (TM3D Firmware), line 46 in configuration.h, "//#define HotendAllMetal" needs to be uncommented.

If you want to use a command prompt, read this article